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Our client-base is vast and varied including the most respected organizations and government


"I'll summarize my impressions of Nautiquos Business Solutions in a few words: client-oriented, professional, innovative. I was particularly impressed by the caliber of client approach and was affected by their enthusiasm."

- Dr Pagidipati, CEO, Freedom Health, Tampa, FL

"I worked with Nautiquos Management on a long term performance improvement and training project in Washington DC (2yrs 4months). Besides being a strong project leaders, they are also extremely knowledgeable with project management and business strategy and very eager to share knowledge to the benefit of the project and the client. I am looking forward to working with them again wherever our paths cross again."

- James Scharoun, Freelance Technical Trainer, Greater New York City

Nautiquos Business Solutions is a treasured partner to us. Its world-class talent, sound domain knowledge, robust project management methodologies, tools & framework have all been valuable assets to I-Bee Soft offshore global delivery model. We see this long relationship continuing to grow into a more rewarding partnership over the years.

- Sandhya Kesavaram, CTO- iBee Soft, Hyderabad, India

Providing a Complete Networking, Security & Cloud Solutions & Services
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